guilty pleasures no. 66 – The Originals

the originals

the originals

awhile back, i posted vampire diaries as a definite guilty pleasure of mine.

it still is even though for the first half of the current season, i felt it lacked its usual luster. for whatever reason, the characters seemed to remain more interesting as high school students. watching them try to live a normal life in college wasn’t as much fun.

plus… the originals left the series (albeit returning here and there in some episodes) to form their own series. and perhaps that’s what made vampire diaries weak. the originals pulled them along the past season or two and we didn’t realize how much we enjoyed it because of the originals that made us keep tuning in to the vampire diaries week after week.

the originals

ah the originals.

who can deny them as being simply alluring with their deep history as being the first vampires ever to grace our earth! they are powerful but pained with so much black history of despair and heartache. they are lonely so they desperately cling to each other as family even after being deceived by each other over and over again.

it’s family drama at it’s best! and drama for anyone who has their lives intertwined with theirs – a little more deadly, actually, than just being married to the mob.

the originals' elijah

of course, i also admit that the character, elijah, is one of the main reasons i find myself tuning in to this series week after week. he talks like he’s thousands of years old (which he is) and he looks at you with those deep, penetrating dark eyes.

it’s enough for any woman to go weak in the knees.

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