guilty pleasures no. 64 – Michonne

michonne – the walking dead

the walking dead - michonne

perhaps this is a noticeable trend. i promise i’ll get back to posting other things not related to the walking dead.

i just can’t help it. so far, i am loving season 4 after thinking it could not get better than season 3!

anyway, just one more character to include here. and that is the one and only, sword-wielding michonne.

she’s coming out of her shell but still maintaining that tough-gal image. she’s a true badass next to daryl – and the two make a mean duo as they set out to find ‘dem walkers.

i’m actually wondering if i could pull off dressing up as michonne next year for halloween. it may take a LOT of thrift shop shopping, though, to get something similar to her leather vest. her cape, i might be able to make, but i’m a bit lazy – i’m the kind that would rather buy than make.

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